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Harbor Springs 74 to 94 Acres

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Zoning: West Traverse A-1 District
Maximum allowable zoning density is 37 homesites
Acreage: 74 to 94 Acres
Soil Type : Sandy Loam
Terrain: Rolling wood and open area
Development Potential vs. Conservation
Parcel is located in the area the Little Traverse Conservancy has coined “The Emerald Necklace” i.e. Harbor Springs Greenbelt Program
Special Land Uses:
Multiple Family Dwelling, Townhouses, Housing for the Elderly, Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, Motel, Clubs or Lodges, Recreation & Athletic Area, Public or Private Golf Courses, Schools, Public Riding Stables. Refer to West Traverse Township Zoning for more specific information.
Principle Uses:
General Farming, Livestock, Horses, Nurseries, Tree Farming, Single Family Homes.

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Aerial View of Renegade Ranch in Harbor Springs, Michigan
Property View
Harbor Springs Lot
Renegade Ranch View
Aerial View
Property with Hay Bales
Tractor on Land


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